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  1. Ability to output eMite data from elastic to an SQL database for further manipulation and queries  ·  TRIAGE

  2. PureCloud Canned Response Usage data  ·  REQUIREMENTS GATHERING

  3. Enable eMite indexes to be queried using a REST API  ·  TRIAGE

  4. UI for Onboarding Reference Query SQL Datatables  ·  TRIAGE

  5. The ability to copy member groups from one index to the other  ·  IN PROGRESS

  6. Live (Active) Agent Status upon Refresh  ·  TRIAGE

  7. Filter agent data according to the logged in agent  ·  IN PROGRESS

  8. Agent Observations Cube data to include queue and conversation ID of current interaction

  9. Enhancement Request: Allow data type selection for results of custom KPIs  ·  TRIAGE

  10. Make an option for "Yesterday" in date filters to refer to the previous business day (M-F)  ·  COMPLETED

  11. Increase # of Rows we can View and/or Export  ·  TRIAGE

  12. Contact lens dashboard

  13. SDES-1021: More than one cross cube Bind per data block  ·  TRIAGE

  14. Dashboard and details for Web survey module

  15. Possibility to export event search data to pdf or txt or csv  ·  IN PROGRESS

  16. Include non-voice interactions in RealTime Queue Status  ·  IN PROGRESS

  17. Add SNMP support to Snare Central  ·  TRIAGE

  18. Ability to drill down into QA scores to see performance on individual questions  ·  COMPLETED

  19. Capture User Response and calculate KPI on top of it.  ·  REQUIREMENTS GATHERING

  20. Show how much data is being reflected to a destination on a daily, weekly or monthly type report  ·  TRIAGE

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